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home and about?

The concept of home is broader than a physical dwelling.
Here you can see one of my virtual worldwide homes.
Or better: One of the windows into one of my lives.
And windows have no words.

We will never experience ourselves the way the world can experience us.
What we can see is our own reflection or our shadow.
Sharing moments is sharing experiences.
Time is the only thing we have.

One thing leads to another, – to the next thing.
You start at one end and wonder how you ended up at the other.
You can call it your own way, but in fact – you just jumped from one – to the next one.
No big deal, just what we all have to do.

A bout?

So you can find a lot of webtrails through this knot kink node related to mr. holger lang – austrian artist and filmmaker living in vienna – vienne – wien – autriche – oesterreich enter the official website and try to find your way around in a maze – an amazing maze – labyrinth of looping tracks art in film and things and pix and cling clang color clong on planet holgerland the director and producer of Artist – Director – Producer – oh, did I just say that?

Kind regards, Steve

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