Bio Logic aL

Holger Lang was born in the early 60s in Germany. His family moved to Austria where he grew up. His artistic work started in the late 70s, originally in the areas of painting, installation and sculpture. Soon he began to work with photography, performance, writing and words, signs and lines. In the early 80s he found a way to connect and combine multiple forms of expression in his work with film. First he started to produce Super8 films, in later projects he was also using 16mm and 35mm film. The main part of his audio-visual art has an experimental nature. Besides continuing to create paintings and three dimensional work he worked extensively with photography and also began to use video in 1988. A year later he also started to use his experience for professional commercial video production and graphic design. Throughout the 90s his experimental audio-visual work moved gradually into the digital field. Sine then he is working in multiple forms of electronic and traditional media. Holger Lang studied medicine, human biology, history, studio art and film & tv production and holds a Masters degree. In 1995 he started teaching at the art department of Webster University in St.Louis, Missouri, in 2003 also at Webster’s media department. In 2003 he also started to teach additionally in both departments at the Webster University Vienna campus. He is frequently traveling between Austria and the US and presented several guest lectures at other universities. Besides his broad teaching experience and his own independent artistic work he is running a cross-media production company in Vienna to finance his films and artistic work. His company is producing documentaries, commercial video productions, graphics and web design. Since fall 2007 he has a contract as research faculty at the Vienna campus of Webster University. As artist, director and producer he is working internationally. For practical reasons he mainly shows the digital and audio-visual part of his work but continues to work in all media.

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