Opening Reception @ Proteus Gowanus Gallery (New York)

Opening Reception of “Water Works”
@ Proteus Gowanus on May 31st 2014

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“review” as site-specific installation on museum façade

video “review” on media-façade
of the museum of contemporary art in zagreb

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review (2013)

A geometric composition of circular shapes …

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Temporary Exposition

This is all you get to see from me between August 21st of 2012 and November 21st 2013 ….

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Into the Past

Hong Siu-lung is a 21st-century
VIPPU special agent in Hong Kong.

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Selfies and Common Elements

I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror.
It was very hard as my hands were trembling.

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desynchronized selfportrait

a film from 2001

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Photography 101

– as shown on in the past …  

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Instant Camera

High precision was required for the production of this film.

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Performance Samples

A splinter is a fragment of a larger object.

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