Holger Lang is an Austrian artist and filmmaker, living and working in Vienna.
He was born in Germany, but grew up in a small town located next to the Danube river in Lower Austria. After graduating from high-school he started to study at the University of Vienna and moved to this city in the early 80s. He completed his studies with an MA in TV and film-production in Austria and an additional MA in studio-art in the US. His often conceptual approach is leading to a broad spectrum of media used for the completion and display of his projects. In 1995 he was invited the first time to teach at the art-department of Webster University in St.Louis (USA) and in 2003 also at the Webster Vienna campus. As a still regularly visiting adjunct at this private university in Missouri and since 2007 as assistant professor at Webster Vienna he taught in areas such as media arts, media aesthetics, photography, animation, production and theory. In addition he is working in commercial media production and produced documentary films, music videos and live-productions in cultural contexts like theatre, performance and concerts. Extensive travelling and long-time stays in countries like Germany, Belgium, France, the UK and the US are reflected in his artistic output. A significant part of his work has been shown in an audio-visual format, but also in exhibitions, presentations and artists-books. Photography, painting, installation, process-based work and writing complement film, video and audio as primarily used media.
Since 2010 he is running and curating a non-commercial, independent gallery in Vienna.


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